You are a company, a group, an association, a club with at least eight people?

You wish to entrust us, the organization of half-day, a day or several days of, adventure, nature and fun?

Evasion Martué offers various formulas and gives you the opportunity to plan your own “a la carte” team building.

  • Schools
    In a natural environment we have numerous activities appropriate to the age of your students: team spirit, cooperation or simply discovering the nature, everything is possible with Evasion Martué.
  • Youth movements
    Jeugdbewegingen zullen te midden van de natuur, onze « samenwerkingsspelen », onze « avontuur » of « sportieve » activiteiten appreciëren. De activiteiten kunnen worden aangepast aan de leeftijden en aan het aantal deelnemers. Youth movements will appreciate our "co-play", our "adventure" or "sporting" activities in the middle of nature. The activities can be adapted to the ages and the number of participants.
  • Sports Clubs
    Sports clubs looking for an activity that strengthens the team spirit, pushing personal boundaries or just 100% Fun, Evasion Martué has the solution.
  • Associations
    We give you the opportunity to experience unprecedented and unforgettable experiences through games, activities and seminars in the midst of nature.